The Imperfection of being 99.9% perfect!

The imperfection of being 99.9% perfectThe state of being perfect is a sought after trait since the beginning of this universe.

If we are asked how perfect are you, pretty much of us says, ” well I hope I’m not that much perfect, however, I’m trying my best”. It is quite a good answer but what about our spiritual life that can take us to the eternal persecution or eternal happiness, the sole purpose of our life and the destination where every human being reaches at the end, whether they believe or not.

A lot of centuries ago when Adam and Eve were deceived by the forsaken angel Lucifer via a snake, they were allured to achieve a kind of God-like perfection. They thought the knowledge of ‘Good & Evil’ can match their lives as perfect as God’s. Hence, for their inability to ignore the scheme of Satan they fall down to the abyss of sin forever and brought the curse upon the earth.

They have never been aware of ‘what is evil, ever since they were created! God has imbued them all sort of goodness and abundance. And it is evident from the bible that God said “Good” after every creation. There was no evil anywhere at all. God prepared everything that we humans need to live in this world, and it was good as well.

Unfortunately, when Adam and Eve slipped away from the commands of God and seek the perfection that Satan has offered them, they have adrift from the perfection of God in a sequel to that they lost their godly characteristics. There arise two sorts of perfection in the world one is godly and the other is worldly. However, the completeness that God has offered was perpetual and sufficing. The other was nominal and deceiving.

the satan, who wished to be praised and worship alike the God Almighty has deceived the man and women and cause them in a troublesome life. Outside the Eden, a new civilization has started that manifests what is considered to be good in the sense of people. envy and hatred raised its head and end up in murder and grudges. The focus of people starts moving from the principles and the natural order that God has set for the well-being of every inhabitant in the earth. And all those schemes are prepared by Satan and his sidekicks to move us away from the purpose of God.

But its end is the way of death( Proverb 16:25)

Meanwhile, the very question that will arise here is “If God essentially wished us to live a perfect life imbibed in goodness, why he planted the tree that fruits knowledge of good and evil?

The very answer for this is, he doesn’t need some pre-coded bots with flesh and blood which is always ready to start admiring and praising God unaware of what and who he is. He heartedly wished for a population which seeks him wholeheartedly and respects and choose him from their free will. The gratitude evolves from that perception is called the perfect praise or in another term- submission with all our heart, soul and strength.

That admiration will fasten the bond between the creator and the creatures. That bond further inspires the creatures to submit their whole self before the creator willingly. Hence, that submission springs praises and worships down from our heart generously.

In any point in our life, if we happened to think I’m giving enough glory to God, I’m praying quite decently, I’m worshiping from my heart pretty well and adhere to his words and commandments fairly, we are not wrong but not even perfectly right down from our soul.

Because, it’s not us who choose the father, the son and the holy spirit as our God, he choose us as his children. So no amount of praise is enough to thank him in return.

(John 15:16 )You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit-fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

Importantly, the matter doesn’t end in the subject f praising, but by abiding his laws and commandments. Submitting our whole life as worship for him is the smallest act that we can give him back.

So, the perfection God seeks in us is the godly perfection, no the worldly perfection. And the choice is still with us, whether to choose God or Satan.

When we are asked this question at our face, we are never gonna choose Satan, because we know he is evil all the way. Possibly, the atheist and agnostic may say we would prefer to stick to humanism particularly.

Majority of the answers would be God. However, being on the desire to choose God never bring us forth to the perfection of God. It takes a lot of rearrangements, replacements, reconstructions, and renovations. The reason for our inability to reach that feat despite our innate desire to be with God is the shortage of knowledge of God.

In our steps, talk, sights, thoughts, deeds, plans, desires, works, interests, perceptions and conceptions God could watch the godly perfection. For reach that perfection, the only possible way is knowing God and his purpose for our life.

The lack of knowledge of God is the only cause that hinders every person of this world from the perfection that God prefers to see in us.

So the first step to reaching that perfection is our readiness to have faith in Jesus Christ. Notwithstanding, our faith in the heart doesn’t move the mountains, but our faith should reflect in our actions. Thus, to grow in faith, we have to grow a zeal for his knowledge.

That knowledge enables us to walk close to him through prayer. Hence, our heartfelt prayer connects the channel to the true God Almighty.

Meanwhile, we have to feed our soul with the word of God all the time, and our heart and toughs should spring praises all day and night. The knowledge of God is attained through the regular acquaintance with our God in prayer and meditation.

When the knowledge of God grows inside us, the holy spirit will take control. Gradually our character will conform to the character of God.

Hence, when God can see the reflection of character inside our heart and it radiates across the pavements we walk, humans we talk and the ruminations we roam. He comes to dwell inside us intact. Then we will do more than he does and grows up to him.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father (John 14:12)

All it takes is godly perfection. There should not be anything in our lives that Satan can claim as his. We have to discern each and every plot of Satan comming across our life.

We might be thinking and asserting that we are not doing any harm to anyone. Also, desiring anything than God. And we have not been a cause for sin either.

But, just think, are we able to inherit the true nature and character of Jesus Christ in our life. Have we loved everyone around the globe as he loved, could we able to forgive as Christ forgave others, do we have enough courage to tell God that I’ve forfeit everything that has been dragging me away from your purpose of my life.

If our neighbor and equally a stranger can see our Jesus Christ in us, the whole meaning of life will be in vain at all. Even we acquire 99.9% perfection and fail in 1% we are imperfect.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

God bless You.

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