There is a God who knows my name.

There is a god who knows my name- Jesus Christ

It is always good to have a God who knows us by name. No all Gods provide such a generous providence and privilege. But the only one who begotten his only son for the redemption of the entire humanity that is our Lord God almighty. The reason no other so-called Gods can have offered such love for humanity is they are not God.

Being on this fast-paced enlighten world, our conceptions will be intrinsically biased to the things we hear and see. As a result, we will be dragged to the beliefs of the world and get confused with the reality and illusions of the human-made prepositions.

Only by looking to the creator can get us rid of such confusion and find the real purpose of our life. But, God is always looking after us eagerly. He, incessantly waiting for answer us at our innate call. All we forget of is there is a God who knows us by name and he is waiting for our looking back.

In him, we can find truth, light and the way. He is almighty and nothing is impossible for him. His might is exceeding and his valour is ineffable. He is the one and only God and his name is Jesus Christ.

Know him and he will let you know how valuable are you to him.

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